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Sunday, May 10, 2009

1st Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day!!! I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day present than my sweet little Joaquin!!!!!!!! He is a joy in my life, more than he will ever understand.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom!! I wouldn't have known how to be a mom without you! You make motherhood way more enjoyable for me by the example that you give daily as a mom!!!!

Happy Mother's Day Maria Elena!!!! Thanks for all the love you have given our family!!!!!!

Favorite time of day

Joaquin's favorite time of day is bath time. This robe and slippers is one of the things that Carlos really wanted from the registry!!! He wears it sometimes after his bath and smiles for me on the couch for a little while. He is my sweet little smiley boy!!!!

Smiling and singing!

Joaquin smiles a lot when you talk to him! He also likes to make a lot of noise with his mouth open! All of this makes him really tired and so before his last feeding, he likes to take a little nap with Papa. Usually, Carlos can't resist a little shut eye also.

6 weeks old

We were a little late on the 1 month picture, so here is the 6 week picture with the teddy bear. Joaquin is growing a lot and changing a lot. He is a sweet little boy!

Gardening with Papa!

Carlos decided that he would start a vegetable garden! Our sweet next door neighbor, who has been a farmer his whole like, has been giving Carlos lots of good tips!! He planted tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and yellow peppers. Joaquin isn't quite sure if he likes the stroller yet, but he did enjoy watching Papa garden!!! He loves watching his papa!

Long Grass

Carlos and I have been busy lately....and the yard has become a jungle!! Thankfully, recently, we were able to mow the yard and the dogs' yard!!! It looks a lot better now and we can actually see the dogs when we look outside! :)


This post is dedicated to my spiritual mentor and my bread making mentor Eva Ekbom!!! 2 years ago when the Ekbom family graciously allowed Carlos and I to live with them in our transition month between medical school and residency, Eva showed me a new way to make amazing bread!!! It is whole grain! She grinds her own grain and then makes the bread from scratch. The bread is really good and really good for you!!!! So...for 2 years, I have been very excited about starting this same process. For my 'new mother's' present, Carlos got me the bread mixer that works for this type of bread making. And, we found a menoite pantry that grinds the fresh grain for you. So.....the process has finally begun. So far I have made 12 loaves of yummy, whole wheat and 7 grain bread! Thanks so much Eva for the inspiration and thanks Carlos for the awesome gift!!!!