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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bucket List

One of my favorite show's is "19 Kids and Counting." This show is about a family in Sprindale, Arkansas that has 19 kids. They are believers and really live out what they say they believe. I have enjoyed "getting to know them" through their show. When we decided to move back this direction, many people had heard about Springdale because of the Duggar family. A few of those friends have said that they were expecting me to be on an episode since I live near them. Today, I got my opportunity. The oldest of the 19 kids owns 2 car lots in Springdale. I have been curious for a while as to whether or not he traded cars. I went today to see if he would take a look at my Acura Integra. We are in the market for a van and I saw that he had one on his lot. He happened to be there, as well as the TLC film crew. They taped the whole time I talked to Josh about my car. He asked if I could bring the car by. I went to get the car and came back to the lot. The crew filmed us while we looked at it and while Josh drove it around. The film crew also came with us to the other lot while we looked at the van. The crew asked if I did decide to make the trade, if I would call Josh so he could notify them and they could film the transaction. Hysterical. It was really fun for me plus, I really think that Josh is an honest salesman, so I know if we do trade our car in, we will get a good deal. Watch for me sometime this season on TLC! :) HAHA.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Abuela!

Feliz Cumpleanos Mary, Mama y Abuela!!! Te amamos!!!!

Buffalo River

Buffalo River Splashing

Mom, Carlos, Joaquin, Dantes, Onyx and I went to the Buffalo River on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful spot on a beautiful day. Carlos took the dogs in and out of the water, mom and I sat in the water, Joaquin played and spashed.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rocking through generations

This has been one of my projects since we have moved into our new house. I spray painted this rocking chair and covered the cushion. This chair has been so many colors and has had so many cushion covers. To most people it looks like a normal rocking chair. To me, it's very special. My mom and dad bought this when we were tiny. They rocked Kim, Joel and me in this rocker. Kim and Brax then inherited it and rocked Thomas and Mae in the same chair. Carlos and I now have it and Joaquin gets rocked in this chair. I love it.

Table Top

Well...I stepped out of the room for A SECOND and when I came back, here is where Joaquin was. On top of the table, putting cereal into the glass cup. He LOVES to climb on everything and the table is not an exception. Thankfully there was nothing dangerous up there. I am going to have to be careful what I leave there.

On the same day, I went to switch the laundry and when I came back into the kitchen/living room area, I could not find Joaquin. Then I saw that the back door was open!! WHAT?? Scared me to death. Joaquin was outside, with the dogs, in his diaper. The door knob on the back door happens to be an easier handle for him and he was able to open it. Another thing that I am going to have to lock at all times. Yikes.

Steering Wheel

One of Joaquin's favorite thing in the world is to drive anything and everything. Anything with a steering wheel is so exciting to him. This is the lawn mower in my parent's garage. He also likes to drive "The Smithy," my grandparent's boat. He likes to pretend to drive my car. He also likes any playground that has a steering wheel.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Misty Valley Lane

This is the efficiency apartment that is attached to the back of the garage. We are so excited to get it ready for whatever God has for it. It has one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen/living room area and a laundry room. God has provided a washer/dryer and great furniture for this space.This is the view looking at the back of the house. We have loved the backyard area (the dogs have loved it even more) and we use the back deck almost every day.
Here is a better picture of the front of the house. We are loving the front porch and sit out on the porch swing most nights.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mama and Toddler

Joaquin and I had a little photo session today. He thinks taking pictures from the phone is a lot of fun.

My 27th Birthday

We were also able to go out on the boat for my 27th birthday celebration. Gramma brought dinner and mom brought dessert. We had a blast and even swam (some of us in our clothes) off the side of the boat. As usual, Joaquin really liked being in the driver's seat.

The Smithy Pontoon

We have been able to go out on my grandparents boat, "The Smithy" now several times since we have been here. We have enjoyed getting to out on beautiful beaver lake. Joaquin has loved being coached by Gigi Rich on how to drive the boat. He feels as though he has got it down now and that he should be in charge, and GiGi Rich is very patient with him.

Great grandparents.

The cousins had so much fun getting to play with Gigi Rich and Gigi Lu!! They are AWESOME grandparents as well as AWESOME great-grandparents.

Springdale Aquatic Center

One of our new favorite places is the Springdale Aquatic Center. It has an awesome area JUST for kids that is fenced and has a lifeguard. It is an inexpensive and fun place to go to stay cool!


Kim, Thomas and Mae came from Alabama for a visit just as Carlos was starting work. We did all kinds of fun things together such as go out on Gigi Rich and Gigi Lu's boat, go to the aquatic park, eat sonic, play at Gram and Pop's house and play at our house. We look forward to many fun times with them in Arkansas.
Our good friends Jason and Alisha came to help pick out paint colors AND helped us to TAKE A BREAK! It was so fun.
Grampa Richard and Gramma Lu came for several days and helped with Joaquin as well as all kinds of projects around the house.
Dad and Joel painted and painted!
The wonderful mother's cleaning the kitchen.

Help is a gift from the Lord.

We have had so much help since we have moved here! We have had meals brought to our house (Thanks Stefanie Lawson for organizing that), we have had people help weed, paint, clean, install, move furniture and do all kinds of odds and ends things around here. We have also been welcomed by so many people with open arms. We could not have done it without you!!!

Misty Valley Lane

After graduation, we moved to Fayetteville Arkansas. There were a lot of reasons why we thought that this house deal would fall through. Through it all, we were so glad to be able to trust that the Lord knew exactly where we would end up. This house is such a gift from the Lord and we can't wait to see what he uses it for in the coming years.

Graduation from RESIDECY!

In between packing and moving my husband GRADUATED from RESIDENCY!!! I am so so proud of him. He worked so hard and graduated with an amazing class of people. God blessed us with amazing friends in this residency 3 years that we will have for life. God blessed us through the busy busy times with an amazing community that we will never forget. We are so grateful for everyone that helped us get to the other side of residency.

The Man With The Plan.

Here is my amazing husband who did SO much work to get us moved. He never complains and works harder than anyone I know.


Carlos's mom, dad and sister came to help us pack!!!! It was so helpful. And we loved getting to see them. Joaquin LOVES getting to spend time with them!

Super Packer

Mom and Dad flew in a day before the move from South Carolina to Arkansas. My dad is a super packer and so he was in charge of organizing the truck. We got a whole house in one truck. Impossible without the super packer!! Carlos, dad, and the dogs drove the big truck with our truck being towed behind.

So here were are folks...A LONG TIME later and I have decided to continue blogging. A lot has happened since I posted last. Joaquin is now 17 months! Wow...time flies when you are having fun. And I do mean FUN! He is a blast. Carlos finished residency and we moved to Fayetteville Arkansas. Carlos is working at a community clinic that is called St. Francis House. 60% of his patients are hispanic and the clinic operates on a sliding scale income wise. He has really enjoyed it so far. I am working on getting the house together and starting our new life here in Arkansas. I am going to post a few pictures of our lives in the last couple of months.

Here is our sweet baby boy. Well...he isn't really a baby anymore. He is a toddler. He LOVES to sing and does it all the time. He loves to dance and does this while he sings. He is a busy boy. He plays and plays and plays. He is very independent and can play on his own AS LONG AS you are nearby. He loves to be outside and cries most times we bring him in. He is rarely unhappy, although he does get very sad when we take things away from him. He is also a very strong personality (did we expect anything different?). He knows what he wants. We are working on discipline with him, but we often have to hide our smiles and laughs because of his cuteness as we discipline him. We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us to raise this amazing child.